We were here when no one could explain what the Internet was or what an email is or does. Netscape, EarthLink, AOL, and dial up Internet was the new beginning. We sent emails by the millions a day before there was Can-Spam compliance. We’ve seen the fly by night companies, the shysters, the scammers, the cloakers, the fake products, the next big thing, the get rich schemes, and young kids who claimed to have the secret sauce and winning formula. We have survived the dot com bust and dot com 2.0, the crypto craze, we’ve tried banner ads, TV ads, Radio ads, billboards, digital advertising, text messaging, Facebook, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and almost anything else you can name. Pay Per View, Pay Per Click, Cost Per Thousand, Cost Per Acquisition, and any other metric made up or real. And to all clients that we trusted that didn’t pay their bills, lied, cheated, and schemed, guess what we are still here.


Adapt or die, that is what we have done. Along this journey we have learned, we have suffered, we have succeeded, failed, and triumphed. We have won, we have lost, and now we adapt again. The old ways are always dying and then coming back full circle rising like a phoenix from the ashes. Trust is paramount to success and we are still standing, with billions of dollars in sales generated for our clients.


The market is once again fragmented and the time of affiliates is DYING.


If your agency can’t market your product or service in house then why do you need them? We helped create the Pay Per Call and the Affiliate market and now we are back to basics. With our combined experience we can manage or help you create your product or service marketing funnel. Our team of professional buys its own media, does it own creative, measure its own results, and scales programs in house. Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, Verizon, TV, Radio or Print, Rapid Response Marketing is a one stop shop just like it used to be, with a team that has seen it all and is always open to learning more. CEO’s, COO’s, CMO’s…we SPEAK your LANGUAGE. Do not get caught in the fragmented market, stop wasting your time chasing down the lowest lead cost, start building a business around scale able, predictable marketing getting you the quality you need at the price that makes you MONEY!


The future is one where experience rules, where failures are prevented, and where communication is key. Rapid Response Marketing is always steps ahead, find out by how much – See if you qualify for a free consultation valued at $1000 click here now.